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Bear Necessities of Life

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Posted by スポンサードリンク
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Wet 'n Wild
Sakura in the wet-and-wild state after being washed.

Don't turn into butter, crazy girl!

Posted by teddydale
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Different Interests

Tobey is intrigued by the box (as cats always are) and Sakura is intrigued by the cat in action (as dogs always are).

(The box is actually empty, so Tobey would've fallen down the crevice if he had actually jumped on it. I had the camera ready to capture the drama, but no luck.)
Posted by teddydale
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Water Art
This is an incredible water fountain art!

Posted by teddydale
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Sex and the City with Bea Arthur
I was talking to my gay friends last night and they told me something I never knew: that the Golden Girls was the it show for gays before the Sex and the City. I never even correlated the two together, but if you think about it, the Golden Girls really was the precursor to the Sex and the City, wasn't it? Four women being empowered by living freely and openly. Even their characters overlap: Dorothy is Carrie, Blanche is Samantha, Rose is Charlotte, and Sophia is Miranda. Darn, why didn't I ever see the link before?

Posted by teddydale
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Airedale vs. Kerry Blue
Please turn down your volume if you aren't supposed to be watching a dog video now!

Were all Airedales this energetic? Am I forgetting? Uh oh.

But Sakura can be just as stubborn as an Airedale.

She's normally all smiles and wags and isn't really that headstrong. Either this Airedale, Lady, brings out the competitive side of Sakura or this was one heck of a good stick for her to give up.
Posted by teddydale
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Louie Hop
Another ultra-slow movie capturing Louie's bunny hops!

パーパーるんるんPlease adjust your volume!るんるんパーパー

Posted by teddydale
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Hurray for New Technologies!
Ever since Louie came to live with us, I got a new mission. That is to take clear pictures of him because with a normal camera he often comes out as an unidentified black furry thingie. (Exhibit A下向き)

First I went for a digital SLR camera, which I must say works great ... but only if he isn't moving. (Exhibit B下向き)

It's not to say that all photos come out blurry (it's just not easy to bring a focus on a black moving subject) or that it doesn't have anything to do with my lack of skills, but I was always looking for a better (read that "easier") way to take more clear photos of my little boy, and I finally got an answer!


Introducing, CASIO EX-F1!

"The EX-F1 is a totally new type of digital camera that delivers speed and digital functions never before available! This new concept in digital cameras lets you shoot photographs that capture every moment of a moving subject, and movies that open up a whole new world invisible to the naked eye."

It can take up to 60 still shots per second, and the high speed movie function enables recording of 1200 frames per second.

パーパー The following movies contain music ムードムード.
Please adjust the volume of your computer パソコン.パーパー

This is about 20 shots per second edited and connected together:

Ultra slow-motion movie (1200 fps):

The image quality went down when I uploaded the movies to the internet, but the originals are clear.

Some clear still shot samples taken with this camera:

And all I need to do is point and shoot. Bravo!!
Posted by teddydale
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Fur Massage
Do you know cats knead? I'm not talking about making bread, of course, but about cats pawing at something soft alternating between right and left paw at a slow but steady pace. Kittens do this to their mother's tummy to get more milk, and adult cats do this when they are very sleepy or content.

If you want to know more on this (perhaps, maybe, who knows), there actually is an article on Wikipedia on this subject: click HERE.

Tobey and Zoey aren't frequent kneaders, but Tobey does it more often than Zoey. Tobey does it most to Zoey's tummy and Zoey puts up with it as long as it stays as massage and does not develop into wrestling.

downTobey is in bliss. Even Louie's intrusion does not interfere with this ritual:

downAfter about 5 minutes, Zoey stated to get a bit restless but still remains patient:

Looking at this state of ultimate contentment is therapeutic ... but hmm, I can't help but wish that Tobey could vacuum after this.

Posted by teddydale
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Death Metal Puppy
If you can relate to this, you are a terrierist.

(危険パーVolume Warningパー危険)

Death Metal Puppy - Watch more free videos
Posted by teddydale
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Tokyo Tower
Shimmering Tokyo Tower and the full moon. HOWWWWL.

Posted by teddydale
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