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Posted by スポンサードリンク
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Seven Sisters Country Park
This is a record of our day trip to the Seven Sisters Country Park in East Sussex, a 2-hour drive from London.  These cliffs are often used as a "stand-in" for the more famous White Cliffs of Dover in films and on TVs as they are kept more natural and undeveloped, and therefore more picturesque.  

Posing on top of the cliff

There are no fences along these cliffs, so the Kerries were kept on lead.

Many people commemorate their visit by leaving names and some other words with white chalk stones at the edge of the cliffs.  I suppose these can be called graffitis, but it is a much better and charming version than the marker pen or spray paint version.  
It's a hike to go up these hills, but it's all worth it.

What a view!

Along the way you can find many sheep happily grazing away.
Sakura is on lead here, but dogs can be off lead to their hearts content

given that they do not chase farm animals.  Some paths go right through sheep pastures, so you need to be careful.


The Seven Sisters Country Park is a part of the immense South Downs National Park, which comprises of the entire green part in the map above ↑.

The South Downs consists of the dynamic coastlines, meandering river vallyes, rolling grassland and ancient woodlands.

There are also some historical curiosities, such as these "pill boxes" which are concrete dug-in guard posts built against the German invasion during the 1940s.  

The idea of a South Downs National Park dates back to the 1920s, and with much bumps and detours, it finally became in operation as a national park in 2011.  Nature loving British do their best to protect their environment.  The policy of Green Belt controls urbanization and protects the countryside from overdevelopment.  The organization such as the National Trust preserves the places of historic intest or natural beauty by owning 630,000 acres of mostly countryside properties.  This is a number equaling nearly 1.5% of the total land mass of England, Wales and Northern Ireland! 

Looking back, the fact that Louie was able to spend the last 5 years of his life in beautiful England where dogs can be dogs was a bless.

Posted by teddydale
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Posted by スポンサードリンク
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