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Bear Necessities of Life

Musings of Teddy Bear Necessity's Household
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Louie 2005-2014
Our sweet little Louie crossed the rainbow bridge on March 6.
He was 8 1/2 years old.

He crossed the bridge only 4 days after being diagnosed with lymphoma and starting chemo therapy.  80% of dogs survive with this first round of chemo, but Louie apparently belonged to the remaining 20%.  He was only sick for 2 weeks, and died in his beloved daddy's arms on the way to an emergency clinic.  We are still shocked and devastated by losing our little boy so suddenly.

He was the dog who saved our hearts from the loss of our first dog, Teddy.  From the moment he came to live with us in December 2006, he caputured our hearts and kept us very happy.  He was the cuddliest, sweetest dog imaginable, and he was the center of our household for the last 7 years.  He was always in our arms, particularly in his daddy's arms, and that remained so until his very last moment.  

We feel honored and priviledged to have known the love of a very special Kerry Blue.  We love you, Louie, and we will miss you with all our hearts until the day we meet again.  

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Happy Howlidays

Warmest Wishes from London Kerries

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Louie is 8
Louie our little prince is now 8 years old. 

As usual, we celebrated the special day with a meat cake.

Tobey the big tiger is thinking this isn't the same as his dinner.  He's quite right. Although he's also on raw diet, this rib eye is a bit too fatty for a fat cat.

Patient Kerries and envious cat

Beasts tucking in 

Happy birthday, our little boy! 

Our only wish is for you to be happy and healthy for many more years to come. 

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Jaws of Death
Sakura the toy killer's most recent handijawwork.

Black Kongs are said to be suitable for Pitbulls and Wolf-hybrids.  I don't know how long they are supposed to last for normal dogs, but it lasts for about a month for Sakura.  

It's still good for chewing, mommy.

Once it chips, it needs to be replaced right away or it'll disintegrate with ease.

These Tuffy plush toys ↑ are good, too, but only round shaped ones are durable enough and even they are only good for a month at the most. 

Sakura doesn't destroy anything but her own toys anymore, but sometimes things inadvertently get caught in her jaws ... .

A case in point: 
one time she made a hole in a 100-year-old kilim rug.  GASP!

But never despair.  

I was able to find a rug repair and restoration specialist, Rug Art, and they were able to restore the ruined rug to its former glory.


Kerries are not particularly mouthy breed, compared to Airedales that is, but Sakura is constantly chewing on something even at age 6.  Since she came to us at 1 1/2 years old, we missed out on her puppyhood.  Maybe it was a good thing <G>.

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I just realized that I had written only one blog entry in 2012.  
Here's a series of Kerry photos to do a bit of catchup.

Kensington Gardens in summer

Bushy Park in summer

Richmond Park in autumn

Chiswick House in spring

Trip to France

We are all well.  Hope all who read this, whoever you are, are doing well, too!

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Louie is 7!
Prince Louie has turned 7 on July 7th.

This is the 6th birthday he celebrates with us.

It's a Kodak moment, pooches!


They were only patient for about a few minutes.  Louie kept stealing sniffs and Sakura kept licking her chops and moving around in anticipation.  It seems that they are becoming less and less patient as they get older.  

Louie is getting some greys in his beard, too, and it reminds me that he is no spring chicken anymore.  My baby! 

July 7th is the date of star festival Tanabata in Japan in which you write a wish on a piece of paper and tie it on a bamboo tree.  

"I wish to a star the health and happiness of my beloved animals."

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Season's Greetings

Season’s Greetings

We wish you happy holidays!

"Stay warm, everybody!"

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The summer did not go without an event, including the infamous riots springing up from the north of London that also affected parts of our neighborhood (☜ can you see the huge crack in the glass door), but all in all, the life here was quiet and peaceful.  Just normal way our dog-gone-life is, that is.

We went to Lavender fields, 

beach in Wye, 

and mostly spent much time doing what our Kerries love best: playing with a ball in the park.

We'll update more on our park life later!

4 Kerries in the park, what a treat!

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Louie became 6 on July 7th and Sakura became 5 on October 11th.

Here are their birthday celebrations respectively.

Happy 6th, my little gentle boy!

Happy 5th, my bull-in-a-china-shop girl!

I used to go through all the hassles of baking meat cake for dog birthday, but since I've gone raw (some 15 years ago, that is), getting the cake ready is so easy!

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Tumblr & Instagram
It's been a while since I last updated this blog.  

I've been much better about photo-logging on Tumblr and Instagram.  Whoever you are and if you happen to be doing either (or not, of course), I'd be honored if you'd stop by.  Thanks!

teddydale on Instagram

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